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    ICAROS (distribution AROS) arrive en version finale 2.2   (01 juin 2017)


    – Updated AROS system files to feb 20th nightly build, plus some further updates here and there
    + introduced more than 16 Months of changes from AROS developers
    – Added Windows hosted environment option
    + installation script for Windows 2000/XP/7/8.x/10
    + Documents directory automatically mounted on AROS

    HostBridge on Linux
    – Added HostBridge for Icaros in hosted mode
    + users can access Windows and Linux programs
    + use Windows or Linux apps to open AROS files from GUI and AROS shell
    + transparent path conversion from AROS to native format
    + use Windows or Linux apps as default tools
    + add whatever Linux or Windows application you like
    + you may use Icaros Desktop as GUI to drive your host OS
    – Updated Windows hosted installation script
    + easy access to Windows volumes and Linux filesystem
    + added warning about current status of Windows port
    – New desktop theme with modern « flat-white » decoration
    – Updated user interface using Magellan
    + no more confusing toolbar on the top right corner
    + new lister toolbar with labels for common file operations
    – Added MuiMapparium and updated Mapparium
    – Added ZunePaint, a handy brilliant AROS image editor
    – Added minipicolisp to development languages

    All files were open by AROS
    – Updated ZuneView to latest version
    – Updated ZuneFig to latest version
    – Updated (again) user manual to reflect latest changes
    – Added icoutils, wput, gsar and other utilities in C
    – Updated MUIRoyale to version 1.6
    – Updated Zune MCC classes to latest release
    – Updated HFinder to latest release
    – Updated SnapIT to latest release
    – Added ogg encoder-decoder to utilities
    + integrated HFinder in Magellan to search for files
    – Fixed: Zune prefs now shows class icons on the left
    – Fixed: OWB now displays images correctly
    – Fixed: AROS 68K in coherency mode now works again
    – Added Linux hosted environment option

    When OWB is not enough…
    + ubuntu/mint-based distros compatible installation script
    + network and audio setup automatically performed on the AROS side
    + user Home directory automatically mounted on AROS
    + implementing Icaros-daemon for Linux (still work in progress)
    – Updated SFSundelete to a newer version
    – Updated SYSmon to a newer version
    – Updated ZuneView to latest release
    – Updated dgen and MAME to latest releases
    – Added protracker to multimedia tools
    – Added complete AISS package to distribution
    + Installation performed only under user request, within Icaros installation
    – Changed directory structure in Extras
    – Moved FryingPan and Cinnamon Writer back to Extras
    + this makes them available on Icaros Live! edition only
    – Moved Protrekkr and LunaPaint to Utilities
    + this makes them available on Icaros Light edition too!
    – Cleaned some parts of S:icaros-sequence startup script
    – Updated user manual to version 2.2
    – Fixed some little bugs in Icaros installation procedure


    Les dernières nouveautés pour Aros:

    Nouveauté ou update de jeu: (Janvier 2017/ Juin 2017)
    BubbleTrainBermuda Syndrome / R2Z

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    Un test de la version précédente sur obligement: ICAROS 2.2 X-MAS (21 decembre 2016)


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    J’essayerais bien ca. Il y a un browser correct gerant html5, css, javascript et co ?

    J’ai pc portable pas si vieux qui traine mais je n’ai pas de lecteur DVD dessus.  :scratch:

    A500 Plus - 2Mo de Chip - 128Mo Fast - 8Gb CF - 68080@85Mhz (Gold2.12 RC2 x12)
    A1200 - 256Mo Fast - 80Gb HD - 68060@96Mhz - Delfina DSP - Wifi PCMCIA

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    ICAROS   2.2.1   (26 juin 2017)

    – removed duplicated FinalWriter demo from Utilities
    – removed duplicated MESA demos from Extras/Demos
    – removed other duplicated files here and there
    – replaced make with AROS one, now it should find makefiles as expected
    – Aminet’s version of make moved to Storage
    – replaced ata.device with better working one
    – replaced most AROS system files with newer components
    – added alternative ATA device to advanced boot options
    – removed faulty rtl8168 network device
    – updated AROS 68K ROMs for playing games and demos
    – started updating italian catalogs, starting with Wanderer menus


    Nouveauté ou update de jeu: (Juin 2017)

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    Le plus simple serait de brancher un lecteur dvd en USB, tu n’as pas de boitier disque dur USB? Suffit de brancher le DVD à la place du disque dur, c’est ce que j’utilise (IDE ou SATA)

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    Il faut que je regarde ca. Je n’en ai pas là le mac a tout en interne (5 disques+DVD).  :scratch:

    A500 Plus - 2Mo de Chip - 128Mo Fast - 8Gb CF - 68080@85Mhz (Gold2.12 RC2 x12)
    A1200 - 256Mo Fast - 80Gb HD - 68060@96Mhz - Delfina DSP - Wifi PCMCIA

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    Sinon pour tester, tu peux faire une installation virtuelle en montant l’ISO avant de, éventuellement, faire une installation native.

    L’outil de virtualisation est maintenant séparé de l’iso, il est téléchargeable sur:


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    Ah top merci !  :yahoo:

    A500 Plus - 2Mo de Chip - 128Mo Fast - 8Gb CF - 68080@85Mhz (Gold2.12 RC2 x12)
    A1200 - 256Mo Fast - 80Gb HD - 68060@96Mhz - Delfina DSP - Wifi PCMCIA

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    Merci pour les liens, je vais tester


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    ICAROS   2.2.2   (01 mai 2018)


    – updated ZuneView and ZunePaint to latest releases
    + now they can save images to various ILBM formats
    – updated AmiCloud client
    – added DigiClock to system utilities
    + a clock is now integrated on menu bar’s top right corner
    – added Janus-UAE2 (WinUAE port) to Emulators
    – added RemoteAROSShell
    + you can access to Icaros via Telnet from another host
    – added FolderSync2
    – added Appbuilder to demo programs
    – added Gilbert to Games
    – added GLColumns to OpenGL Games
    – added MUI examples to Development
    – added metaDiary to Applications
    – added RTF-Riddle to Applications
    – added BackupCopy to Filesystems
    – updated Hollywood plugins to latest version
    – updated AROS libraries
    – updated AROS system files
    – added mod2wav to CLI commands
    – added PDF to PNG option in Magellan GUI
    – added MOD to wave option in Magellan GUI
    – updated redit (68K) to version 2
    – added GPmark to Benchmarks
    – added b4sdl and HGui to develoment languages/tools
    – added clipo to management tools
    – added LuxCC to development tools
    – added VMT to misc
    – added VAMP to Multimedia players
    – added AmiTimeKeeper to Networking
    – updated cloud handlers for Gdrive and Dropbox
    – AmiBridge can now be optional to save space on system partition
    – fixed a bug in hosted installation script
    – fixed a bug in HostBridge

    Téléchargement: (réalisation publique, pas besoin d’un compte pour télécharger)

    Nouveauté ou update de jeu: (Juillet 2017/Mai 2018)
    Drac Klondike / Tongs Its / GPMark / Tennix / CBlocks / Valtra TractorsMindless / Block Attack / Formido / Zelda 3T / Lunar Lander / Abacus / GLColumnsZelda Navi’s QuestNicky BoumThe Legend of EdgarNaevFish Fillets NGHocoslamfyGigalomania / I have no Tomatoes / Lariad / GilbertLTrisFree Droid RPGCube 2 / Red Eclipse v1.5.3 / Zod / Warzone 2100 / Super Tux Kart / Warmux / Bos wars / Aleona’s atales / AssaultCubeReloaded / AssaultCubehyperrogue

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    ICAROS   2.2.3   (05 Aout 2018)


    – fixed AHI preferences, removing a unwanted default ahi.prefs in envarc:
    – updated Annotate to a more recent build
    – updated lame to v3.100 final
    – added AmiCast Player to Multimedia programs
    – added DClock to Misc programs
    – added HyperRogue to games
    – updated zlib to development libraries
    – added webptools to MediaEditors and development libraries
    – updated RapaGUI plugin to latest version
    – added polybios to Hollywood plugins
    – fixed Wanderer crash when opening Host: volume on Linux hosted
    – fixed AROS crash when using ALSA driver on a x64 system without i386 libs
    – fixed permission bug which prevented HostBridge to correctly run on Linux
    – updated AmiCloud to v2.0-RC9
    – updated GrafX2 to v2.5
    – added xpdftools to Media Editors
    – updated YAM to version 2.9p1
    – added koala paint datatype (popular C=64 graphics format)
    – added ZXSCR datatype (Sinclair Spectrum screen format)
    – added xbm and xpm datatypes
    – added SVG and FIG datatypes (vector graphics formats)
    – updated Giana’s Return – Giana Sisters clone
    – updated Sqrxz 2, 3 and 4 executables for AROS
    – added hermes to Extras/Games
    – updated asl.library with Neil’s fixes
    – fixed an old small bug showing a wrong icon in AmiStart full mode

    Nouveauté ou update de jeu: (Juin/Juillet/Aout 2018)
    Abe / Xumpgianas returnhermessqrxz 1sqrxz 2sqrxz 3sqrxz 4 / fruit’y / Im Puzzle / Final Fight SE / Hexen 2 / Hexen Worldsdl zombiesgl jewel / Sets / Open GladiatorStunt Car Remake

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    ICAROS   2.2.4   (29 Octobre 2018)


    – fixed OpenURL preferences to correctly forward URLs to OWB
    – added GlJewels to OpenGL/Games
    – added AmiTimeKeeper (Internet time NTP client) to Prefs
    – updated AmicastPlayer
    – updated AMath
    – updated FIG datatype
    – added INFO (Amiga icons) datatype
    – added ModExplorer to MultiMedia
    – added Open Gladiators to OpenGL/Games
    – updated OpusTools
    – added sox utilities to MediaEditors
    – added sfxr sound generator to MediaEditors
    – added Targa (TGA) datatype
    – added ZuneBrot to Misc
    – updated Vim to version 8.1 (now with graphical interface)
    – replaced AROS installer with InstallerLG on both i386 and 68K
    – added Super Mario War to Games
    – added Stunt Car Remake to OpenGL/Games
    – added UHCTools
    – updated ZuneView
    – updated ZunePaint
    – added WHD_Menu to FileSystem
    – added ICO (Windows icons) datatype
    – added vic script: shows current Icaros Desktop release
    – replaced SysMon with SysMon-XPT, which shows CPU-time too
    – updated VICE to version 3.1 and optimized for speed and sound
    – added icon to music and video examples in MyWorkspace
    – fixed (increased) default stack size for some file types
    – added RNOeffects to Design

    Nouveauté ou update de jeu: (Septembre/Octobre 2018)
    Super Mario War

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    ICAROS   2.2.5   (21 Décembre 2018)


    – updated RNOEffects to v1.3
    – updated 68K Paula driver for AHI
    – updated AbkViewer to v0.0.6 in Extras/Development/Tools
    – added AISS to Icaros Desktop Light edition
    – updated AROS system files to November 26th, 2018
    – added Icon Editor to Utilities
    + added needed images from AISS to System/Images/TBImages
    – modified GUI selector and added a icon for its drawer
    – fix: restored Icaros’ Download Fonts script for OWB
    – added 15 public-domain (CC0) FHD images to Extras/Wallpapers
    – updated MCC_BetterString to v11.33 on i386 and m68k
    – updated MCC_TextEditor to v15.51 on i386 and m68k
    – added double-state version of Dark Glass iconset
    – added double-state version of Logos&Brand iconset
    – updated Protrekkr to v 2.5.4 (fixes problems with native drivers)
    – added GenerateMD5 to C
    + added options to generate and copy MD5 to Magellan
    – Magellan can now show current IP Address
    – updated PlayCDDA in Multimedia
    – updated VAMP in Multimedia
    – added AnimWebConverter to MediaEditors
    – updated VIM to latest release
    – updated MCC_NList on m68K
    – updated MCC_TheBar on m68k
    – fixed a bug in ZuneARC preventing lha archives extraction
    – added quitaros command for Linux and Windows hosted Icaros
    – updated OBW to use latest SSL encryption, it’s also more stable
    – built Advice for i386 and added to C
    – added 68k Advice to AROS M68K
    – added minischeme to Extras/Development/Languages
    – AmiBridge’s ADD SHORTCUT script does not open unwanted windows anymore
    – updated Icaros Desktop manual to reflect latest changes

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    ICAROS   2.2.6   (06 Février 2019)


    – added DCRaw 9.28 to C:
    – deleted the obsolete (and wrong) ‘dcdraw’ drawer from Extras
    – updated InstallerLG for i386 to latest version
    – updated LibPNG to latest release
    – updated MCC_NList to v1.25 for i386 and M68K
    – added support to MUI4 ESC-A method to embed images
    + updated muimaster.library
    + updated rapagui in Libs/Hollywood
    + fix: Icon Editor now uses image buttons instead of text ones
    – updated AmiCloud to v2.0-final
    – updated webptools to latest version
    + included also the webptools development libraries
    – updated VIM to latest release
    – updated vic to output in a window
    + added to Magellan an option to show Icaros version
    + renamed the ‘About’ option in Magellan to ‘About AROS’
    – updated vmware svga hidd to use FHD, 4K and 1440p resolutions
    – updated AROS kernel
    – added EasyRPG Player to Extras/Emu
    + added the game ‘The Kidnapping of Princess Pri’
    + added the game ‘Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead’
    – added a launcher script for EasyRPG Player in the same drawer
    – updated AmiCast Player to latest release
    – added Hex2 calculator to Extras/Applications
    – added def_Script.info for scripts
    – added generic script icon to user-executable scripts in S:
    – added debug mode: logging can now be easily performed
    + added debugmode script in S:
    + added « Create debug log » option in Magellan’s Icaros menu
    + modified default snoopy.prefs in Envarc: to log everything
    – added ZupaPlayer to Extras/Multimedia
    – added 1366×768 and 1920×1080 resolutions to VESA grub options(*)
    – updated Icaros manual to reflect changes
    – fixed a wrong reference in « Create Installation Pendrive » script

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    ICAROS   2.2.7   (09 Avril 2019)


    – fix: replaced SANAutil from system/netowrk/AROSTCP/C
    with the one in Extras/Networking/Utils
    – did the same also for NTPSync and SetPrism2Defaults
    – removed Extras/Networking/Utils, not needed anymore
    – fixed a typo in Create Installation Pendrive script (makedit->makedir)
    – Updated TimeKeeper to v1.07 and moved from Prefs to Tools/Commodities
    – updated TimeKeeper icon adding 1.07+ tooltypes
    – added manual for LodePaint
    – updated vmwaresvga.hidd
    – added S:testvmware script to detect VMware SVGA and enable its driver
    – added PCX datatype
    – updated ZXSCR datatype to latest version
    – updated MUIRoyale Hollywood Plugin to support ESC-A image embedding
    – updated vim to latest release
    – added HydraCastle to extras/Games
    – updated fpc with a more recent build
    – updated EasyRPG-Player to version 0.6.0 (1)
    – updated EasyRPG-launcher to reflect new version (removed –window parameter)
    – added Digger to extras/Games
    – updated Exutil to latest version
    – added option to change T: position to prefs/Icaros Settings
    – added ViewLHA (built from sources by Mats Peterson) with modified script
    + added « Browse for images » menu option for LHA files
    – updated user manual to reflect new additions

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