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    ICAROS (distribution AROS) arrive en version finale 2.2   (01 juin 2017)


    – Updated AROS system files to feb 20th nightly build, plus some further updates here and there
    + introduced more than 16 Months of changes from AROS developers
    – Added Windows hosted environment option
    + installation script for Windows 2000/XP/7/8.x/10
    + Documents directory automatically mounted on AROS

    HostBridge on Linux
    – Added HostBridge for Icaros in hosted mode
    + users can access Windows and Linux programs
    + use Windows or Linux apps to open AROS files from GUI and AROS shell
    + transparent path conversion from AROS to native format
    + use Windows or Linux apps as default tools
    + add whatever Linux or Windows application you like
    + you may use Icaros Desktop as GUI to drive your host OS
    – Updated Windows hosted installation script
    + easy access to Windows volumes and Linux filesystem
    + added warning about current status of Windows port
    – New desktop theme with modern « flat-white » decoration
    – Updated user interface using Magellan
    + no more confusing toolbar on the top right corner
    + new lister toolbar with labels for common file operations
    – Added MuiMapparium and updated Mapparium
    – Added ZunePaint, a handy brilliant AROS image editor
    – Added minipicolisp to development languages

    All files were open by AROS
    – Updated ZuneView to latest version
    – Updated ZuneFig to latest version
    – Updated (again) user manual to reflect latest changes
    – Added icoutils, wput, gsar and other utilities in C
    – Updated MUIRoyale to version 1.6
    – Updated Zune MCC classes to latest release
    – Updated HFinder to latest release
    – Updated SnapIT to latest release
    – Added ogg encoder-decoder to utilities
    + integrated HFinder in Magellan to search for files
    – Fixed: Zune prefs now shows class icons on the left
    – Fixed: OWB now displays images correctly
    – Fixed: AROS 68K in coherency mode now works again
    – Added Linux hosted environment option

    When OWB is not enough…
    + ubuntu/mint-based distros compatible installation script
    + network and audio setup automatically performed on the AROS side
    + user Home directory automatically mounted on AROS
    + implementing Icaros-daemon for Linux (still work in progress)
    – Updated SFSundelete to a newer version
    – Updated SYSmon to a newer version
    – Updated ZuneView to latest release
    – Updated dgen and MAME to latest releases
    – Added protracker to multimedia tools
    – Added complete AISS package to distribution
    + Installation performed only under user request, within Icaros installation
    – Changed directory structure in Extras
    – Moved FryingPan and Cinnamon Writer back to Extras
    + this makes them available on Icaros Live! edition only
    – Moved Protrekkr and LunaPaint to Utilities
    + this makes them available on Icaros Light edition too!
    – Cleaned some parts of S:icaros-sequence startup script
    – Updated user manual to version 2.2
    – Fixed some little bugs in Icaros installation procedure


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