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    Rapport d’activité de la Team Apollo publié ce matin (Merci à Tuko pour l’info) :


    Team has been super busy this summer, not drinking caipirinhas nor London mules but working on topics we are all super excited to hear about: Vampire Standalone and V1200. Let’s not hold horses anymore and open the starting gates.

    GOLD2.12 is still in the work and we want to fix a few issues before releasing it in final state. Simo has already posted two Release Candidate builds in forum for people to try it out and we got some feedbacks that we need to handle.

    We will be there and have set ourselves quite some big goals for that weekend:
    1. Meet nice people
    2. Party with nice people
    3. Discuss and share our Amiga passion

    Gunnar will also be presenting and discussing Vampire on stage on Sunday afternoon. We are all looking forward to measure how much his eyes will be opened. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wears sunglasses that day.

    Amiga34 is quite a challenge for us since we have things to show and demonstrate there but getting them ready them takes time, which we lack. That event is a milestone for us and we are doing everything we can to achieve it.

    More infos about the event : EXTERNAL LINK

    Alchimie 13
    Next event will be Alchimie 13 in France on 1 to 3 November and a small subset of team will be there, mostly French speakers. For those who couldn’t attend Amiga34, they have an opportunity there to get a catch-up session and attend a super event.

    More infos about the event: EXTERNAL LINK

    Vampire V1200
    For the record, we have shown the first working Vampire 1200 V2 prototype at OufParty in June. Since then, work on it continued and another revision of it was made since we hadn’t a case to test all mechanical parts. Thing is sometimes better is the enemy of good and we broke the Digital Video Out part in that last revision, meaning another one was needed and delaying things a bit again (two more weeks).

    To make a long story short, issue is fixed and a big batch of PCBs and components has been ordered to fulfill our A1200 needs.

    Vampire V4
    Since June, lot of things happened in team and lot of discussion went on to make sure the Vampire Standalone is a super product and truly a complete new Amiga.

    Those discussions made us take some very big decision regarding the future of Vampire Standalone. So many questions have been debated until early in the Morning… Isn’t the target level too high for us? Isn’t Amiga a dead platform after all? Aren’t 68020 accelerators good enough for everybody? What if someone resurrect Cyberstorm designs? What if after all trolls were right since the beginning? Is Steven Seagal really a bad actor? After quickly answering all those, we pushed the button and started to mass produce V4 for general availability :-) Period.

    I am very happy and pleased to confirm everybody that the order for a first batch of Vampire Standalone that will target end-users has been placed!

    Some very minor changes have been made to the PCB from developers boards you might have seen (mounting holes instead of capacitor holes, removal of 68k socket, optimizing design for solderability, etc.). No feature change, just some adjustment to ease the industrial process.

    That first batch will also be special as we will be selling it directly. Idea behind this is to let us start very quickly the engine to produce more. Then, next batches will be running exclusively through resellers.

    To make it even more special, those who will get one will get a complete bundle for the price of the card, meaning they will get tested compatible mouse, compatible keyboard, PSU, case and some other goodies. Also, those sales will be only for people attending Amiga34 and we hope to be able to deliver those bundles during the event. More info will come about that soon.

    Core side, we are rushing to make sure cards get delivered with a polished core. Our VHDLers and developers are having some kind of « bukkake party » towards our SVN server (gross, disgusting, meh) and that bitch loves that (since majsta is posting articles implying his dick and Brad Pitt, I thought the limit was already passed on so…). Now that you have the picture, understand they are all committing a lot to bring best experience possible on first launch. Happy face!
    We finally are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for V4 and V1200 and we are really looking forward to bring it to the market, after so many months of work. It is still quite stressful since we want it super from the beginning.

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    Merci pour l’info , plus cas patienter encore plusieurs mois … peux être pour noël ?

    Et sinon Steven Segal est super acteur (extraordinaire dans le film Machette :heart: )

    ps : en vendant les V4 en exclu à l’amiga 34 , vous n’avez pas peur de les retrouver le des lendemain sur ebay ?

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